Northrop Enterprises

Northrop Enterprises started as a hand-made greeting card company over nine years ago. It has evolved into more of an umbrella company for several other business ventures such as:
  • Inventing - We are currently working on our own "Big Idea"!  It takes time, persistence and developing the right networks to go from an idea to an actual product. We will be adding a blog to record our experiences.   

    To get inspired even more, watch The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch every weeknight on CNBC!

  • Online Businesses - We recently launched our latest online business: It provides free, no registration required, access to over 2000 free and discounted birthday treats offered by companies nationwide. Visitors can search by state to find local treats for adults, kids or pets.

  • We also have links to some other projects here: See Our Projects

  • Photography -  We are nature lovers and try to spend our time enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Some of the photographs seen in the gallery were sold as greeting cards to upscale resorts in Arizona. See Photo Gallery
We're a fun loving family just bursting with ideas and we wanted to share our ideas with others! Who knows, maybe we will help inspire others to venture forth with their ideas too!

So we're embracing the world wide web and if this site helps you in any way, we will have put our ideas to good use.

We will be adding tips and resources that we have found helpful to us as well as adding more photos to the gallery. So bookmark our site and visit often.

Thank you for stopping by and remember...

"We all possess more power and greater possibilities than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers."  Genevieve Behrend